Magnetar Hedge Fun

Well, my colleague Jesse Eisinger and I finished part one of a series about the epicenter of the financial crisis — collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs.

Our story on the hedge fund, Magnetar Capital, called the “Magnetar Trade,” can be found at ProPublica.

We also collaborated on an episode of This American Life that will air this weekend on public radio stations across the nation. The fine folks at This American Life did their usual amazing job of storytelling. Alex Blumberg took an incredibly complex topic and turned it into a seamless narrative. It’s very good radio.

They also commissioned a song. Yes, a song about a hedge fund that helps to create CDOs. And of course, there is a video to accompany the song. All can be found on the TAL website or on Planet Money.

Listen to “Inside Job” a radio episode Pro Publica co-produced with This American Life that aired on the award winning program on April 9, 2010.

Bet Against the American Dream from Alexander Hotz on Vimeo.


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