Miami New Times


Fine Young Cannibals

The reporters providing us coverage of Elian Gonzalez seem to recognize they’re taking part in a shark feed. And they just keep chomping. Article Published on February 10, 2000

At the entrance to the Little Havana street where kindergartner Elian Gonzalez currently resides, two Porta Pottis stand ready to accommodate the press and crowds that regularly throng the block. On one an enterprising media member has tacked a sign that reads, “Welcome to Camp Elian.” Almost anyone watching television on Monday, January 24, witnessed in full flower the madness that has touched down in Little Havana over this little boy. Not since Gianni Versace’s murder in 1997 has South Florida witnessed such a crush of reporters. Read more…

In Too Deep

Four years ago a dangerous chemical tanker ran aground in Biscayne National Park. The salvage operation that followed would go down in history. Article Published on September 21, 2000

The German chemical tanker Igloo Moon cut through the predawn stillness in the waters off the coast of South Florida. It was 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 6, 1996, when Chief Mate Peter Stubler sent one of his crewmen on a routine inspection of the ship. Stubler liked to call it “a fire round” in recognition of the volatile and explosive nature of the Igloo Moon’s cargo. The chief mate and a merchant seaman, Esene Mafalu, had spent the night on watch together. Read more…

Haul of Shame

Waste dumps, illicit lobbying, paid supporters, hidden agendas. Or politics as usual in Miami-Dade County. Article Published on November 11, 1999

Across Hialeah in the early morning darkness of October 21, more than 125 people awoke with the same purpose and pulled themselves from bed. Drawn from the ranks of the elderly and the unemployed, they shared a 7:00 a.m. rendezvous and, unknown to them at the time, a full day of “work” ahead of them. Several were infirm and walked with difficulty; for some the outing would be a welcome break from days filled with a steady regime of medical checkups. Read more…

Swamp and Circumstance

Planners hope the Natural System Model can help restore the Everglades. But will it survive politics? Article Published on July 1, 1999

The airboat zips along channels that weave their way across miles of saw grass. The destination is a tree island in the distance jutting from the water like a desert mirage. Onboard are two groups of scientists intimately involved in an ambitious and costly plan to fix the ailing Everglades. Read more…